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Here’s what some of our Monroe, WA customers are saying about us:

I've been dealing w/ Doug and the crew for going on 20 years. Honest, reasonable folks with a great deal of expertise on VWs . Always going the extra mile, suffice to say I wouldn't be driving my 40 year old VW bus w/o these guys for backup. 9 out of ten times they diagnose my problems over the phone, and it gets confirmed in the shop. They love VWs as much as we do.

Lee Russell Autovice Import Service Customer Review

Super vw knowledgeable lots of hard to find parts available I'm lucky to have found them

cynthia jones Google Review

These guys went the extra distance to help solve a problem that no one else could figure out. They did it more by listening to what I experienced and by asking me questions. I spent hundreds at other shops and never got it fixed. I got the feeling that he had it figured out before I even brought my car in! That says a lot for them! and it only cost me $60.00

Tommy Autovice Import Service Customer Review

This place is amazing. I've been struggling to find parts for my buggy. They were very patient with me

jermaine baldwin Google Review

Always a great place to get help for my VW.

Bill A Google Review

5 Stars!

Laura Fredrickson Google Review

5 Stars!

Kylie Warren Google Review

5 Stars!

Andrew Blackstone Google Review

5 Stars!

Justin Vice Google Review

4 Stars!

Charles Google Review

Had these guys do a buyer's inspection before buying a Passat, and they did far more than any other shop has done. It turned out that the timing belt and valve cover gasket needed to be replaced. They saved me a lot of time and money on this one.

Geoff Friesen Google Review

Exceptional customer service. I have been here multiple times for parts and sometimes just to ask questions about my air-cooled, and their knowledge is always on point! They aren't condescending, and are always willing to help you figure stuff out. This is the only place that I have found that I would recommend for older VW vehicles.

James McFarland Google Review

Spoke with Doug about a master cylinder piece I needed, he found one from another vehicle, measured it out for me, then just gave it to me. It's refreshing to have genuine people working with parts and service shops like this.

David Winters Google Review

The place in the PNW to take your VW for service, repairs and maintenance.

Excellent service. Lower mechanic rates than anywhere else (comparable). This is an autoparts store for any make or model, but the mechanics are VW Nerds. They ONLY do VW. They have ample bays and excellent mechanics who are really good and total sweeties. They also have a parts store with VW collectible goodies like tote bags, Christmas lights, pins, VW stuff to pimp up your car that does not cost an arm and a leg (like at the dealer).

These guys have helped me many times - and they treat their customers very well. Honest, dependable and their work is good value for money. Don't even consider taking your VW anywhere else. But feel free to do estimate comparisons, and don't forget that many dealers will find extra and more costly things to repair to bump up an initial estimate.

Meka Chu Google Review

Super competitive prices and I trust these guys to do a kick ass job. I would refer them to anyone who owns a import especially a VW. It is difficult to find a good mechanic one that you can really trust these guys are a class act group who will get the job done fast and not try to upsell you on crap you don't need thank you bow wow of Lynnwood

Loc P. Yelp Review

These guys know their stuff! I have a 2000 Beetle that I love almost as much as the humans in my life, and I brought her in because she had some funky electrical stuff going on. Bill did a phone consult, and advised I bring her in. They were able to get my car in right away, and put her on the scope.
We found out there were a couple of blown fuses that my regular mechanic couldn't find (VWs are picky little things that sometimes require a specialist). Everyone here is knowledgeable, friendly and amazing. I will definitely come back to Bow Wow and want all VW owners to know this is the place to go if you need anything VW - from stickers to merchandise; they have it all. My car thanks you, and so do I

Peggy R. Yelp Review

Great service! Fair pricing! These guys helped me out when I was in a pinch at the end of they're work day. If you have a vw or an audi I would definitely recommend them. Thanks guys! I will be back with my jetta

Josh W. Yelp Review

Did a great Job on a new refurbed engine for my 74 hot rod bug installed and did super good, clean work. They go the extra mile, top notch service...A++++ from me. Thanks Cody and all!

Adrian D. Yelp Review

I've taken my VW bug to Bow Wow two times and had excellent experiences. These guys are honest and will only do work that needs to be done. The staff are friendly and explain things very well. I will be taking my car here from now on!

Tiffany H. Yelp Review

I have a 1972 Beetle that I take there whenever it needs some love. These guys are reliable, super helpful, inexpensive, and very very knowledgeable. A repair job they did on my electrical stopped working a day or two later and they fixed it for free.
Much love to Doug! He's the man

Daniel H. Yelp Review

I have been using Autovice Service about since they opened. I have had many Volkswagens. The guys at Autovice know my car very well. If you have a older VW, these guys know it better than the dealer. They definitely cheaper as well.

Josh F. Yelp Review

One of the hottest days of the summer (with dog in the car), antifreeze steam wafting into my Passat, Autovice in range, stopped in to ask for service or advice at 3:30, graciously handled evaluation clarified problem/long term fix/short term fix, short term fix implemented and I was on my way at 5. Miraculous and much appreciated!

Leigh B. Yelp Review

If you own a Volkswagen, old or new, look no further for a knowledgeable, honest, reasonable repair shop. Bow wow Autovice has been my go-to source for repairs, parts, and VW information for over twenty years. Doug even fixed my bus by remote control when my coil went bad in Eastern Oregon. Worked w/ me over the phone to diagnose the problem, then found me a local repair facility in Bend and convinced them to stay open 'til AAA got me there. This place is one of those rare examples of competency in modern America. Without them I probably wouldn't be driving a 37 year old bus. Thanks, Autovice!

Lee R. Yelp Review

I had some pretty big issues going on with my 2003 VW Beatle. Bow Wow clearly identified the problem, gave a very reasonable quote, and took care of it in a timely manner. I felt I was dealt with honestly and will be going back for future repairs. You've gotta respect a VW repair shop that works on VWs old and new as someone who's owned a '66 Beatle, a '78 Dasher, and a 2003 Beatle, this is the kind of shop I want to support.

Scott R. Yelp Review

Absolutely love these guys! I have followed them all over Lynnwood and have not once let me down. They always had apart I needed in stock and if they didnt, they could get it here faster and cheaper than I could online. Truly great customer service and very friendly. Bill blows my mind every time I as for a random screw or bolt and he knows the size and thread pitch without looking it up! Keep up the good work!

Addison L. Yelp Review

I'm really, really happy with this place. I've taken my '86 Westy there for a few things that needed to be done, and they did the job quickly, well, and solved the issue each time. Not once have they tried to 'up-sell' me on something I didn't need (I've been a VW owner for a long time, and know enough to know that when I see it). I'll definitely keep giving them my business.

Tom P. Yelp Review

These guys are AWESOME! Being some what of a newb to the vw scene Ive found it extreamly hard to find parts and advice at the local parts stores. Well a friend suggested Bow Wow. And these guys have been great! Every time i call i get friendly phone service and honest quotes. I have yet to go in, and they do not have the part im searching for. Yeah you may have to pay a few extra bucks, but id rather pay the $$ and get the correct part im looking for. Not to mention, your supporting a local shop!!! Keep up the great work guys.

Johnny S. Yelp Review

One of the reasons I keep buying VW's is that I can keep using Autovice for service and parts. I have been taking my cars to them since they opened their service department years ago and have never had a bad experience. A couple of the bad reviews apparently want the mechanics to work for free or work on their car at the drop of a hat. I have never found Doug or crew to be misleading or dishonest. They are indeed VW experts. There is a reason they are very busy - they are good at what they do.

Mary T. Yelp Review

If you have an air cooled engine look no further...Bow-Wow definitely has those missing parts for your VW. The guys at the counter can answer any question you may have, they are VW encyclopedias...they also have a great mechanic if you need some serious work done, but be warned, it might take 2 weeks to get your car in as they are quite sought after.

Brycelaine P. Yelp Review

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